Performance and safety
go hand in hand

The RaceChip quality and warranty package

We always strive for maximum quality. Guaranteed.

The RaceChip quality and warranty package for you and your car.
You can fully enjoy the RaceChip effect without the slightest reservations. For us, maintaining engine safety and engine protection systems are top priority.
We know how safe and of high quality our products are. You benefit directly from this with our extensive quality and warranty package.

The RaceChip engine warranty

Maximum engine protection and highest safety for you
  • All important engine components are covered
  • Up to R50 000 in case of damage
  • No deductible
  • Still applies after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired
As a chip tuning manufacturer with the highest quality standards for the products we develop, it goes without saying that we offer our own engine warranty for our premium chip tuning modules. It applies to all relevant engine components from the axle drive shaft to the transmission to the turbocharger. Hence, you’re always on the safe side and can fully enjoy the RaceChip chip tuning experience.
Our 2-year engine warranty is included with the GTS and the GTS Black; our 1-year warranty comes with the RS.
The RaceChip engine warranty is available for cars registered in South Africa and the odometer reading not exceeding 100,000 kilometers (or 60,000 miles). Max. vehicle age: 3 years.

We inspect our products from head to toe

All of our products must pass extensive tests.

Determining power and torque

In the engine power test station, the power and torque of a vehicle in standard factory conditions is determined in the initial phase. After installing RaceChip engine tuning, the comparison values for the performance-enhanced vehicle are analysed in various test cycles.

Testing driving behaviour

The tests ensure that the standard factory undercarriage is suitable for the increased power and provides sufficient tolerances.

Determining maximum speed

The maximum speed attainable with the performance increase is determined before ensuring that the vehicle meets all pertinent requirements at that speed.

Testing braking behaviour

The brake system is tested for service life, abrasion, functionality, fading and speed behaviour. This ensures that the highest safety standards are always maintained. Our tests confirm that standard factory brake systems meet all of the requirements with performance-enhanced engines.

Testing emissions

The emissions for a performance-enhanced vehicle are determined in a special testing laboratory using an exhaustive emissions test. The electronic performance enhancement from RaceChip is designed so that the standard factory vehicle classification regarding vehicle class almost always remains the same.

Testing for fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

Fuel consumption and emissions for performance-enhanced vehicles are tested and compared with standard factory series values. Fuel consumption is tested in various driving cycles (e.g., in a simulation of city and motorway driving). Emissions of pollutants are also determined for diesel engines.

Measuring noise

A sound level meter is used to measure noise from a standard factory series vehicle and from a performance-enhanced vehicle. This ensures that the idling and driving noise remains in factory conditions.

Testing for electromagnetic compatibility

This ensures that the engine auxiliary control device meets all legal regulations regarding electromagnetic compatibility.

Other tests

Where appropriate, the hauled load of the performance-enhanced vehicle is tested and inspected to ensure that the vehicle's on-board diagnostics (OBD) are not affected by the performance increase.

Performance enhancement within the available power reserves

We optimize only within the power reserves. We don’t overshoot.
Nowadays, car manufacturers design their engines to achieve a wide range of performances with the same engine block. These are then sold in various car models and specifications. That's why modern engines in standard factory conditions often have considerable, untapped power reserves.
RaceChip increases your car's power only within its unused reserves. This completely avoids wear on engine components caused by strains that exceed the manufacturer's allowable load.
(1) The motorizations shown below are all based on the same engine block.


Drive Smart With RaceChip GTS + 38Hp


Drive Smart With RaceChip GTS + 64Hp


Drive Smart With RaceChip GTS + 50Hp

Engine protection programs remain fully functional

RaceChip does not change anything in the manufacturer's hardware or software
Compared with other forms of electronic performance optimization, RaceChip's auxiliary control devices have a decisive advantage: the manufacturer's hardware and software are not changed in the slightest.

So all the manufacturer’s engine protection systems remain completely intact. Your engine is just as safe from overheating as in standard factory condition, and all of the manufacturer's emergency programs work unimpeded.

RaceChip is designed and produced in Germany

Made in Germany by the leading chip tuning manufacturer
German cars are considered the best in the world. The leading company for chip tuning also hails from Germany: Today, RaceChip products are used in more than 135 countries. Over 500,000 satisfied customers enjoy more power, faster acceleration and a sophisticated driving performance thanks to RaceChip.
Our chip tuning modules are completely developed and manufactured in Germany. RaceChip products are truly “Made in Germany“.

RaceChip offers the highest quality

Our products are winner of multiple reviews and tests
Asphalthelden test winner 2014
“The tuning box from the RaceChip company is the winner on points. The RaceChip demonstrated the second highest power levels on the test bench, but by far the greatest improvement in terms of torque”.
EuroTuner test winner 2013
“With a RaceChip box, the engine produces the greatest feeling of verve, alongside very smooth responsiveness. This, in addition to excellent manufacturing and high quality instructions, is what delivers the RaceChip its victory”.
Based on 685 reviews
Bianca Smit
Bianca Smit
Good quality parts Great service
Gavin Murphy
Gavin Murphy
Unbelievable difference.
Christiaan Buitendag
Christiaan Buitendag
Great service and excellent product
Kogan Naidoo
Kogan Naidoo
Solid service. These guys are knowledgeable and professional. I will definitely tell you don't think twice.
Dirk van Eeden
Dirk van Eeden
I bought a RS Rachechip and there was a delay with the harness from Germany. For the trouble they upgraded me to the RS+ at no extra cost. Really great service. I got exactly the extra power gains stated on the website and my dragy times showed the results. I will recommend anyone to give these guys a try, you wont be dissapointed.
Nelson De Caires
Nelson De Caires
Great service & good communication from Shuaib & Wesley... I ordered ST lowering springs from them...lowering springs arrived from overseas a few weeks later & they delivered to me... they were installed in my M2 F87 & I am very happy with the comfort etc. waiting for them to settle so I can do the wheel alignment
donovan engelbrecht
donovan engelbrecht
Impeccable service and follow up from Racechip! Highly recommended!!
Runga Munsamy
Runga Munsamy
Professional and Excellent service and advice… People who know what they’re talking about and are experts at what they do !
Johan Bezuidenhout
Johan Bezuidenhout
Thanks for a very great product. Was very easy to install and really makes the vehicle perform much better.
Jonathan Zeelie
Jonathan Zeelie
Did the RaceChip installation on a Ford Everest biTurbo for my MD. Quick and easy installation with instruction manual. Very responsive on the throttle and much better with engine performance.
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