Plug & Play installation – State of the art technology

Extremely sophisticated in tech and function

Plug & Play installation – State of the art technology

Extremely sophisticated in tech and function

OEM like performance improvement

Software optimization as the key

(1) The motorizations shown here are all based on the same engine block.

Nowadays, car manufacturers build just a few base engines and differentiate the power output via the electronic control unit: the same hardware, but with different software.

We at RaceChip are absolute experts in car tuning software. The data from the ECU is read by our tuning software and individually optimized.

This way, you can enjoy a performance upgrade of up to 30%.We use only the available power reserves and stay within tolerances, which are important to maintain your engine’s long-term endurance. Existing engine protection systems remain fully intact.

Simple. Tested. Safe. RaceChip.

Complex technology. Simple installation.

Install RaceChip yourself in just a few minutes

The RaceChip Plug & Drive system: you can install all of our car tuning software modules easily and without specialist knowledge or tools. You only need 10-15 minutes. See for yourself the installation steps for an exemplary car model.

You’ll receive car model-specific installation instructions with each RaceChip, and there are installation videos for many car models in our database.

Here's how our chip tuning products work

Taking your car for a service? No Problem!

Our products can be reset at any time to return your vehicle to series configuration

Optimization isn’t just plain old optimization

Box and OBD turning in comparison

In general, two approaches to electronic performance tuning can be distinguished: (1) Performance tuning by directly accessing and reprogramming the engine control unit (ECU), also called on-board diagnostics (OBD) tuning, and (2) optimization with auxiliary control devices also referred to as performance chips, tuning chips, tuning boxes, piggybacks, power chips or power boxes.

Direct ECU tuning and remapping

Performance improvements are achieved by optimizing the electronic signals. This is done via the OBD2 port (also used to read the engine’s error memory) or by breaking into the ECU and adjusting or overwriting the manufacturer’s software itself, usually referred to as remapping or ECU flashing. In other words, it actively intrudes into the manufacturer’s configuration. This remapping technology can be used in all engines with electronic engine controls.

Manufacturer's hardware and software are actively and usually permanently changed.

Manufacturer’s software is changed or completely overwritten thereby often deactivating the protection systems.

Depending on the vendor with or without engine warranty.

Painstaking installation by a fitter without any performance improvement benefits.

Reversion can be done with considerable effort and costs. The change will always remain detectable.

Optimization with auxiliary control device

Performance improvements are achieved by optimizing the engine’s electronic control signals. The auxiliary control device (a kind of mini-computer) is placed between the engine controls and sensors, which enables performance upgrades of up to 30% using RaceChip’s tuning software. This engine tuning technology can be used in all modern diesel and turbo-charged petrol engines.

Does not change manufacturer's hardware or software.

All engine protection systems remain intact. Performance is optimized only within the power reserves.

Up to two years RaceChip engine warranty.

Simple DIY installation without any special tools in just 10-15 minutes.

Car can be reverted back to series condition.

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