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Nick's recommendation for maximized driving pleasure in all situations.
  • + kW + Nm

    Alpina B5 (E60) (2005 - 2010) 4.4 (507 HP/ 373 kW)

  • + kW + Nm

    Alpina B7 (F01-04) (2009 - 2016) Biturbo (507 HP/ 373 kW)

  • + kW + Nm

    Alpina B5 (E60) (2005 - 2010) 4.4 (507 HP/ 373 kW)

  • + kW + Nm

    Alpina B7 (F01-04) (2009 - 2016) Biturbo (507 HP/ 373 kW)


RaceChip XLR

With the RaceChip XLR, you can easily tune your car's throttle response to your taste – from a comfortable sedan to a racy sports car. That makes it the perfect add-on to our chip tuning boxes. More

RaceChip XLR – driving dynamics as you want

We developed RaceChip XLR to increase responsiveness on the road. Our innovative throttle tuning system lets tune your engine’s reactions to your taste – choose from 7 separate stages. You’ll love your car’s improved dynamics – we promise. Many arguments speak in favour of RaceChip XLR:

  • Better throttle response
  • No official approval needed
  • Easy to install
  • 7 separate stages
  • Perfect add on to chip tuning

The innovative XLR

The Brainbox – the nerve centre

The Brainbox monitors and controls all the processes involved in optimising throttle response.

Included in all configurations.

Control option 1: Controller

RaceChip XLR can be controlled conventionally using a newly designed Controller which is connected by wire to the Brainbox. The driver can use the Controller to select any of the tuning stages at any time.

  • 7 separate tuning stages
  • Fast, intuitive operation
  • LED display
Included in this option: Brainbox + Controller

Control option 2: App

RaceChip offers you the option of controlling XLR right from the RaceChip app running on your smartphone. RaceChip XLR communicates with your phone via Bluetooth.

  • 7 separate tuning stages
  • Fast, intuitive operation
  • Wireless control of tuning stages
  • App shared with chip tuning
  • Automatic software updates
Included in this option: Brainbox + Controller + App control
Better throttle response

Better throttle response

We developed RaceChip XLR to increase responsiveness on the road. Your engine’s performance isn’t affected by RaceChip XLR, but you can access it more immediately and directly. Experience significantly sharper responses for yourself – no waiting for the message to get through or frustrating hesitations.

7 separate stages

7 separate stages

Our innovative throttle tuning system lets tune your engine’s reactions to your taste – choose from 7 separate stages.

  • 2 Sport (S, S+) and 2 Race stages (R, R+) sharpen throttle response, speeding up the engine’s reaction times, making it as reactive as even a sportscar’s.
  • 2 Eco stages (E, E+) slow down the engine’s reaction to movements of the throttle. In heavy city traffic and on long journeys, this can help you reduce fuel consumption.
  • You can select N if don’t want or need to use XLR, and your car is back to stock tune.

Simple setup

Simple setup

Simple and easy to understand – installed in a few steps:

  1. Unplug the wire from the throttle at the connector.
  2. Connect the Brainbox to the connector/adaptor.
  3. Mount the Brainbox on a smooth surface in the footwell.
  4. To control XLR: connect the Controller with the Brainbox, or set up the RaceChip app.
  5. Done! Now – go drive and enjoy!

Perfect add on to chiptuning

Perfect add on to chiptuning

You can experience totally new driving sensations if you combine RaceChip XLR with one of our chip tuning modules. The extra power and torque that chip tuning brings is perfectly complemented by the immediate throttle response made possible by throttle tuning. Together, they push back the limits of driving enjoyment.

Optional (R400): app control

Optional (R400): app control

RaceChip is the first company to offer throttle tuning together with app control. The combination gives you the easiest ever way of controlling your vehicle’s throttle response. RaceChip XLR connects directly with the RaceChip app on your smartphone via Bluetooth.

If you already have a RaceChip chip tuning module in your car, XLR is the perfect add-on, and using them together is even easier – you can control both modules from the driver’s smartphone using the same app.

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Alpina- B7 (F01-04) (2009 - 2016)- Biturbo (507 HP/ 373 kW)
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Help differentiating CR/PD

Distinguishing between Common Rail (CR)
and Unit Injector (PD)

Applicable to certain Volkswagen AG model series with 2.0 TDI engines

Several Audi, Seat, Skoda and VW model series with 2.0 TDI engines use both CR and PD ("Pumpe-Düse" / Unit injector) technology. RaceChip chiptuning is specially customized to the applicable fuel injection technology with respect to both hardware and software. If your vehicle is specified in the list of applicable models below (all other 2.0 TDI models feature just one type of technology), it is important to determine, before choosing a tuning product, which type of injection technology is installed in your vehicle. For such models, you will therefore find the “CR” or “PD” designation after your engine code.

PerformanceThe following Volkswagen Group model series are applicable:Engine code CREngine code PD
100kW (136hp) Audi: A3 (8P), A6 (C6)
VW: Golf Plus, Jetta V, Passat B6
103kW (140hp) Audi: A3 (8P)
Seat: Altea (5P)
Skoda: Octavia (1Z), Superb (3T)
VW: Caddy (2K, 2C), Eos (1F), Golf V,
Golf VI, Jetta V, Passat B6, Touran (1T)

If your vehicle is in this list and you are not sure if it is a CR or PD version, then simply follow one of the following steps to identify CR or PD technology.

Using the engine code:

For PD models, the engine code consists of 3 characters, while for CR there are 4 characters. You can find your vehicle’s engine code in the specification sheet in your service booklet or on the data sticker in your engine bay.

Using engine images for CR and PD:

Common rail (CR)
Common rail engine, traverse
Common rail engine, longitudinal
Unit injector (PD)
Pumpe-Düse (PD, unit injector) engine, traverse
Pumpe-Düse (PD, unit injector) engine, longitudinal

Using our customer service:

If the tips above have not clarified the technology type, then please contact our Customer Service department. We will be happy to help.Contact