Tuning Box vs Remapping

Optimization isnt just plain old optimization

Box and OBD tuning in comparison

In general two approaches to electronic performanve tuning can be distinguished.(1)Performance tuning by directly accessing and reprogramming the engine control unit (ECU), also called on-board diagnostics(OBD) tuning and (2) Optimization with auxiliary control devices also refered to as performance tuning, piggybacking and power boxes.

Direct ECU tuning and remapping

Performance improvements are achieved by optimizing the electronic signals. This is done via the OBD2 port or by breaking into the ECU and adjusting and/or overwriting the manufacturer's software itself, usually refered to as remapping or ECU flashing. This remapping technology can be used in all engines with electronic engine controls.

  • Manufacture's hardware and software are actively and usually permanently
  • Manufacture's software is changed or completely overwritten thereby oftern deactivating the protection system
  • Depending on the vendor with or without engine warranty
  • Painstaking installations by a fitter without performance improvement benifits
  • Revisions can be done with considerable effort and costs. The change will always remain detectable.

Optimization with auxilary control device

Performance improvements are achieved by optimizing the engine's electronic control signals. The auxiliary control device is placed between the engine controls and sensors, which enables performance upgrades of up to 30% using RaceChip's tuning software. This engine tuning technology can be used in all modern diesel and turbo charged petrol engines.

  • Does not change manufacturer's hardware or software
  • All engine protection systems remain intact. Performance is optimized only within the power reserves.
  • Up to 2 year engine warranty
  • Simple DIY installation, without any special tools - in just 10-15 minutes
  • Car can be reverted back to stock series condition.


There are two approaches in electronic performance upgrade; the first uses the car’s onboard diagnostics system (OBD tuning), the second uses an additional electronic device. OBD tuning works by directly altering the engine mapping and electronics.

Additional devices like RaceChip’s products improve performance by optimizing the electronic signals used to run the engine. RaceChip’s approach has several advantages over conventional re-mapping and is a better choice for many drivers.

  • Performance increases remain within the engine’s reserves
  • The engine’s own protection programs are untouched
  • Car can be reverted to stock tune at any time
  • Performance upgrades available for almost all modern turbocharged engines
  • Balanced increases in power and torque

Why RaceChip outperforms ECU remaps

Plug & Play in 10min


Easy DIY installation within 10 min. No mechanical knowledge or special tools are required. RaceChip works right out of the box.


The process of remapping is very time consuming and may damage the ECU, if done wrong.

All Power Reserves Activated/h4>


Uses software to get the best performance out of the hardware (engine). RaceChip utilizes power reserves smart and efficiently and can’t be outperformed by remapping in most dimensions.


Also limited by the power reserves, if durability is relevant. Power upgrades by 40% are castles in the air without exchanging components or harming your car in the long run.

Fine-Tuning also After Installation


Uses software to get the best performance out of the hardware (engine). RaceChip utilizes power reserves smart and efficiently and can’t be outperformed by remapping in most dimensions.


Also limited by the power reserves, if durability is relevant. Power upgrades by 40% are castles in the air without exchanging components or harming your car in the long run.

Two Engine Protection Systems


Manufacturers protection mechanisms remain functional, plus additional RaceChip Engine Protection System. This ensures maximum safety and longevity of your car.


Manufacturers protection mechanisms can get overwritten. This e.g. leads to your engine not detecting overheating or too much pressure anymore. I.e. wear and tear are increased above an acceptable level.

Easy Reset to Factory Setting


Easy removal within a few minutes (e.g. before a service) in order to reset the car to the factory setting. Our tuning can’t be overwritten during a service. It can be reprogrammed and transferred to another car.


Removal is difficult and will remain detectable (manufacturers’ ECU counts each flash). Moreover, a remap may be overwritten during the service of your car.

Safe Engine Warranty


Up to 2 year Engine warranty!


Depending on the vendor with or without engine warranty

Complex technology. Simple installation.

Plug into your engine to release its power reserves.

Today’s engines are controlled electronically using software. RaceChip’s plug-in devices access this software via specially developed mini-computers which are as advanced and sophisticated as state-of-the-art OEM systems fitted by leading manufacturers. 
This is the only way that RaceChip’s optimization software can register, optimize and relay the sheer number of parameters

involved and maintain the high product quality we are committed to. 
Our customers are often amazed by how user-friendly our high-tech products are, though. The technology is sophisticated but the installation is quick and easy. And the driving experience? It’s fantastic.

Better fuel economy

Save money and natural resources.

With RaceChip you don't have to choose between better performance or better fuel economy. RaceChip lets you have both. With appropriate driving habits, you can improve fuel economy by up to 20% when using RaceChip. Besides increasing the efficiency of the fuel injection RaceChip.

increases the available torque, which allows for earlier gear changes and overall less shifting. This lowers your car's fuel consumption. In contrast to remaps, tuning boxes are not able to fake the l/100km number displayed in the car.


RaceChip is made in Germany
and Autobahn tested


German cars are considered the best in the world. The leading company for chip tuning also hails from Germany: Today, RaceChip products are used in more than 135 countries. Over 500,000 satisfied customers enjoy more power, faster acceleration and a sophisticated driving performance.

RaceChip products are completely developed and manufactured in Germany and extensively Autobahn tested.

RaceChip is
Autobahn tested

The new RaceChip App: Redefining Chip Tuning

Personalized engine tuning at the palm of your hand

As innovation leader in the field of chip tuning, RaceChip has developed a Smartphone app that enables you to communicate via Bluetooth with your performance chip. You can switch between three performance levels, which are specifically customised for your engine: Efficiency, Sport and Race. The integrated warm-up timer allows you to set a warm-up phase for your engine before releasing the performance upgrade. This protects the engine even in the coldest winter nights.

The tuning software is shipped pre-programmed with settings that are specifically designed for your car. However, if you wish to make fine-tuning adjustments to these settings (e.g. because the power of standard factory models can variate +/- 10%), we’re able to adjust the settings for you - simply providing them as a download file.

In order to make use of this amazing extra feature please add the Smartphone Connect feature for just R 495 to your RaceChip Ultimate in the checkout process.



Personalized engine tuning in the palm of your hand

Choose between three performance levels

Representative example using the performance data of a BMW 730d measured on the test bench.

We offer performance improvement for most makes and models

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