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More power, greater torque, superb mid-range punch, sharper acceleration and a quicker response from your engine. You'll love the new characteristics and driving experience RaceChip chip-tuning and throttle tuning provides.

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More performance

Tap into the true potential of your BMW’s power plant in order to increase power and torque.

+30% HP1 +30% Nm1 All about chip tuning

Better fuel economy

Save money and natural resources with RaceChip in your BMW.

  • More torque = earlier upshifts = reduced fuel consumption = lower costs
15percent fuel
Save up to R6 500 per year and more 2
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Simple. Tested. Safe.

Up to 2 years comprehensive warranty on the engine 3, 5 years product warranty.

  • Improvements always within the engine’s power reserves

Even more joy with your BMW

A joy to drive with RaceChip

The Bavarian brand with the unmistakable blue and white logo is internationally renowned for its dynamics, agility, sportiness, and the pure joy one feels when driving it. With RaceChip and BMW, two automobile companies come together who deep within their brands stand for a one-of-a-kind driving experience – which makes for an ideal combination. You can experience the joy of driving a BMW on a whole new level with chip tuning modules from RaceChip.

BMW earned its unique reputation primarily through sports engines that are reliable even at their limits. BMW combines accomplished turbocharger technology with the latest injection technologies for high performance and efficiency. Nevertheless, even BMW engines offer incredible power reserves and are far from their performance optimum in standard factory condition. That's exactly where RaceChip comes in. With our engine tuning you can tap into your BMW's power reserves and enjoy your engine's potential on a whole new level.

RaceChip offers performance improvement with our chip tuning for almost all BMW models. Whether saloon, coupé or convertible, Touring, Gran Coupeé or Gran Tourismo, X, Z or M, we surely have something available for you.

Electronic performance improvement

Experience the joy of driving on the next level with RaceChip – that's how a BMW should drive!

RaceChip chip tuning for your BMW offers you the latest method of electronic performance improvement. A highly sophisticated and individually programmed auxiliary device is installed between the engine control unit and the sensors – a type of mini-computer with optimization software developed especially for your BMW engine. This software optimizes the electronic signals that control the engine, enabling up to 30% more power (HP) and up to 30% more torque (Nm).

With our technological approach to engine tuning, we follow the same principle of electronic performance improvement that BMW itself uses to differentiate models with an identical engine block. For example, BMW today offers the 3 series BMW (F30) in a wide range of performance levels from 116 HP to 218 HP based on a 2-liter diesel engine with identical bore and idle stroke. These are primarily generated by adjustments to the electronics.

BMW designs its engines in such a way that they allow for a wide performance range, and even the highest motorisation models still possess considerable thermal and mechanical power reserves. RaceChip performance improvement always works within these reserves, and the engine protection system in your BMW remains active at all times.

Experience the famed joy of driving in your BMW in a completely new way. More power, more dynamics, more fun.

No matter which BMW you drive, whether turbo-diesel, turbo-petrol engine or ActiveHybrid, with RaceChip chip tuning you'll enjoy a more intense drive every time. Here are just a few of many examples:

With regard to the 20 d engines in the current series (no matter whether the BMW 5 series, 3 series or 1 series), you can always surpass BMW's next-highest model with diesel tuning from RaceChip. In this way the optimized performance of 235 HP in your 320d with the Pro 2 from RaceChip easily beats the 325d with standard 218 HP – offering much more attractive value for money.

With turbo diesel tuning from RaceChip Ultimate, the 25d (like in the 525 d or 325 d) really shows what it's got – with impressive acceleration and more power in every driving situation. The 218 HP version with 450 Nm torque gets boosted to 279 HP and a full 576 Nm torque with RaceChip Ultimate.

The BMW 535i, which features a standard twin turbo 6-cylinder with 306 HP and 400 Nm, experiences performance improvement with RaceChip Ultimate for a spectacular 394 HP and 512 Nm – performance data that suits this premium vehicle well.

Even the “smaller” BMW 535d turbo diesel has get-up-and-go with a standard 299 HP and 600 Nm. After 10-15 minutes of DIY installation, the RaceChip Pro 2 provides 390 HP and 700 Nm for more fun on the streets.

We also have something in store for price-conscious chip tuners. The BMW 118d with 143 HP will easily reach 181 HP and 386 Nm with our starter chip, the RaceChip One, offering you real driving pleasure.

With RaceChip Ultimate, a BMW X5 with xDrive 40d and standard 313 HP shreds its sluggish image and becomes an irresistible road warrior with 411 HP. This heavy SUV becomes an agile all-rounder for any driving situation. Plus, if you want to pull a trailer or go off-roading, then you'll really appreciate the supreme 737 Nm RaceChip unlocks.

RaceChip can even tap into power reserves of top models like the BMW M6—and in a big way. RaceChip Ultimate catapults these modern 4.4 liter V8 turbocharged petrol engines from 560 HP and 680 Nm to more than 635 HP and 815 Nm. As far as driving goes, the Gran Tourismo becomes a racy sports car. You'll only find a few vehicles that can compare with it. When it comes to power as well as quality, RaceChip motor tuning is at least on par with prominent BMW tuners like AC Schnitzer. However, you'll always get the RaceChip package at unbeatable value for money.

Summer 2014: it's not even on the market and it's already optimized at RaceChip – the new BMW M4 coupé with BiTurbo and standard 431 HP V6 (the same power train is also used in the M3 saloon). With RaceChip Ultimate, the M3 and M4 become powerhouses with an overtake guarantee at 484 HP. Read this article about the development of our power increase for the new BMW M4.

Now it's up to you

Further below on this page you'll find an overview of RaceChip chip tuning products for BMW. Choose your vehicle from our vehicle selection tool and you will immediately see how much potential awaits in your BMW. With just a few clicks you can put together the optimization package for your BMW in our online shop, and perhaps by tomorrow you'll be holding a RaceChip specially designed for your engine. It's easy to order directly online, install the RaceChip yourself in just 10-15 minutes, and experience your BMW like never before.


+20% HP +20% Nm

The base chip. Solid performance and high quality.

from R 3495
5 fine tuning mappings Up to 10% fuel savings


+25% HP +25% Nm

The bestseller. High performance and complete safety.

from R 5 595
6 fine tuning mappings Up to 15% fuel savings 1-year engine warranty
(up to R 50,000)
R995 per re-programming
if you change your car 2
+30% HP +30% Nm

The premium chip. Phenomenal performance and quality.

from R 9 095
7 fine tuning mappings Up to 15% fuel savings 2 years engine warranty
(up to R50,000 )
1x re-programming
if you change your car 2
2-year engine warranty
(up to R 50,000)
Warm-up timer 2x re-programming
if you change your car



Better acceleration. Outstanding design.

from R 3 595
Better throttle response 7 separate stages No official approval needed add on to chip tuning Easy to install
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