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More power, greater torque, superb mid-range punch, sharper acceleration and a quicker response from your engine. You'll love the new characteristics and driving experience RaceChip chip-tuning and throttle tuning provides.

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More performance

Tap into the true potential of your Audi’s power plant in order to increase power and torque.

+30% HP1 +30% Nm1 All about chip tuning

Better fuel economy

Save money and natural resources with RaceChip in your Audi.

  • More torque = earlier upshifts = reduced fuel consumption = lower costs
15percent fuel
Save up to R6 500 per year and more 2
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Simple. Tested. Safe.

Up to 2 years comprehensive warranty on the engine 3, 5 years product warranty.

  • Improvements always within the engine’s power reserves

Audi, a strong brand

Even stronger with RaceChip

Audi created the permanent all-wheel drive Quattro, the first German diesel engine with direct injection and turbocharge introduced to the streets. It's also the world's first series saloon constructed with an aluminium integral body.

RaceChip offers performance improvement for almost all Audi models: Whether saloon, coupé or convertible, the Avant, Allroad or Sportback, Roadster or SUV.

Electronic performance improvement for your Audi

You'll experience a whole new level of driving pleasure with RaceChip – that's what an Audi should feel like!

Chip tuning from RaceChip offers you the latest form of electronic performance improvement. A highly sophisticated and individually programmed auxiliary control device is installed between the engine control unit and the sensors – a type of mini-computer with optimization software developed especially for your Audi engine. This software optimizes the electronic signals that control the engine, enabling up to 30% more power (HP) and up to 30% more torque (Nm).

Our way of engine tuning works according to the same principle of electronic performance improvement that Audi itself uses to differentiate models with identical engine blocks. For example, today Audi offers a broad performance range from 150 HP to 190 HP with the same 2.0 TDI basis.

RaceChip performance improvement always stays within your engine's thermal and mechanical power reserves. Your Audi's engine protection system remains completely intact.

Experience your Audi anew: more power, more dynamic, more enjoyment

No matter which Audi you drive, whether a TDI or TFSI, you can experience it in a totally new way with RaceChip chip tuning. Here are just a few of many examples:

For 2.0 TDI engines in the current series (regardless whether in the Audi A3, A4, Q3 or Q5) you can surpass even the next-highest Audi model with RaceChip diesel tuning when it comes to power – and at a much lower price than you would have paid for the more powerful engine from Audi.

The 3.0 TDI (like in the Audi A5, A6, A7 Sportback or A8) shows what it can really do after TDI tuning with RaceChip Ultimate – with irresistible drive and abundant power. For example, with RaceChip Ultimate the 218 HP version of the 3.0 TDI with 500 Nm torque can be boosted to 258 HP and an astounding 600 Nm torque.

The A5 Sportback, which comes standard with a 2.0 TFSI engine with 179 HP and 320 Nm torque, undergoes a spectacular transformation with RaceChip Pro 2 for 231 HP and 413 Nm: performance data that this premium car can be proud of

From wee to wow – the Audi A1 with the smallest 1.2 TFSI engine (89 HP, 160 Nm) easily bounds over the 100 HP mark with 102 HP (as well as 190 Nm torque) even with our entry-level chip, the RaceChip One.

A Q7 with 4.2 TDI and standard 340 HP comes to life with a RaceChip Ultimate to feature 449 HP. It shrugs off its heavy SUV side to reveal itself as an agile family vehicle that makes full-throttle acceleration fun. Plus, if you ever want to tow a trailer, then you'll enjoy the higher torque afforded by RaceChip – almost 1,000 Nm in total.

You can even mobilise power reserves in the absolute top models like the RS6 with RaceChip. The Ultimate catapults these modern 4.0 TFSI turbocharged petrol engines from 560 HP and 700 Nm to over 700 HP and 889 Nm. These values are at least on par with those achieved by prominent Audi tuners like ABT Sportsline. But you get all of this at a much better cost-benefit ratio with RaceChip.
Read the article about our test drives with the new Audi RS6 here.

Brand new: just introduced by Audi and already optimized at RaceChip – the new Audi TT, for both coupé or roadster. We offer our chip tuning products for almost all new TT engines.

You have it all at hand

Further down this page you'll find an overview of all chip tuning products from RaceChip. Here you can simply select your Audi with the help of our vehicle selection tool and you will immediately see how much potential lies waiting in your Audi. With just a few clicks in our online shop you can configure the optimization package for your Audi and could even receive your specially-designed RaceChip in a few days. Order online now, install yourself in just 10-15 minutes and experience your Audi like never before.


+20% HP +20% Nm

The base chip. Solid performance and high quality.

from R 3495
5 fine tuning mappings Up to 10% fuel savings


+25% HP +25% Nm

The bestseller. High performance and complete safety.

from R 5 595
6 fine tuning mappings Up to 15% fuel savings 1-year engine warranty
(up to R 50,000)
R995 per re-programming
if you change your car 2
+30% HP +30% Nm

The premium chip. Phenomenal performance and quality.

from R 9 095
7 fine tuning mappings Up to 15% fuel savings 2 years engine warranty
(up to R50,000 )
1x re-programming
if you change your car 2
2-year engine warranty
(up to R 50,000)
Warm-up timer 2x re-programming
if you change your car



Better acceleration. Outstanding design.

from R 3 595
Better throttle response 7 separate stages No official approval needed add on to chip tuning Easy to install
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