Toyota Hilux 2.8 GD6 150kW 2021 Performance Chip

Toyota Hilux 2.8 GD6 150kW Performance Chip
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Toyota Hilux 2.8 GD6 150kW 2021 Performance Chip


The all new 2021 Toyota Hilux 2.8 GD6 has received some updates, most importantly an increase in performance of 150kW and 500 NM of torque.

When driving your Hilux 2.8GD6 have you ever wanted a bit more power, better throttle response and an added bonus would be better fuel economy? Our roads get busier by the day, it is not unusual to get stuck behind two or three trucks creeping up a hill at 50kph. This means you`re either stuck behind a row of trucks or you a take risk and overtake hoping that another vehicle doesn’t come racing towards you at 140+kph, putting you and your family’s lives in danger.


This is when wish you had the extra power to overtake quickly and safely, You can never have too much power when it comes to overtaking another vehicle, especially when your loved ones are in the vehicle
Let me introduce you to an incredible piece of technology that will safely unlock your Toyota Hilux's true performance. RaceChip plug and play tuning system will give you more power, better responsiveness and save you money.
With RaceChip you will experience
More power so you can overtake quickly and safely
Better fuel economy so you can save money
Improved responsiveness so you can respond quickly when needed and avoid danger
For Example the new 2021 Toyota Hilux 2.8 GD6
Stock -150 kW/500 Nm 
Safely Tuned with RaceChip GTS - 180 kW/580 Nm
  Stock 60-120 km/Hr 11.62 seconds                              Safely Tuned with RaceChip GTS 60-120 km 9.88 second


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Safest tuning system on the market.

RaceChip is the only tuning system on the market with an engine warranty. If you are concerned about your manufacturer's warranty - you have nothing to fear. The software Toyota has spent millions of dollars developing remains unchanged, in fact, RaceChip works in harmony with Toyota software to optimize performance. All factory safety limiters remain unchanged and because RaceChip is plug & play there are no physical changes made to your Toyota. When a RaceChip is unplugged there is no sign that it was ever installed. I could tell you about our low fingerprint technology but, it's a closely guarded secret.   


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Remote software updates via a smartphone app

RaceChip RS +App is the best seller, completely new optimized software with enhanced engine-specific adjustments, high-quality hardware, as well as a comprehensive service and warranty package, will make every driver’s heart beat faster. The app control option is available for the RaceChip RS and RaceChip GTS/GTS Black. Use your smartphone to choose between 3 tuning modes from the RaceChip app; Efficiency for saving fuel in urban traffic, Sport for improved mid-range flexibility on open roads, Race for maximum performance. Automatic software updates via your smartphone ensure you are always up-to-date.



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Install RaceChip yourself in just a few minutes

With the RaceChip Plug & Drive system, you can install all of our car tuning software modules easily and without specialist knowledge or tools. You only need 25-30 minutes. You'll receive car model-specific installation instructions with each RaceChip, and there are installation videos for many car models in our database.




No special tools - No technical know-how, its simply plug and play


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Discover a whole new driving experience.

With more power, greater torque, superb mid-range punch, stronger acceleration and quicker responses, you’ll love the new characteristics RaceChip chip tuning will give your Toyota Hilux. Knowing that RaceChip optimizes intelligently within your engine’s design limits bring comfort to the whole experience


Quick overnight delivery

With quick overnight shipping, you can enjoy the benefits of your RaceChip in no time at all. Alternatively, you can order from one of our experienced dealers in all major hubs around South Africa.


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