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Toyota Prado 2.8 GD 150kW Performance Chip

The new Toyota Prado 2.8 GD has received some updates, most important a increased performance of 150kW and 500 NM of torque.
Together with our partners all over the world we were able to finish our development for all available models using this engine.

8 months ago

Toyota Yaris GR 201kW Performance Chip and Dyno

After we've tested the stock Toyota Yaris GR last week, today we're going to show you the tuning results on our dyno and of course we're gonna make 100-200 km/h runs to compare it to the stock times.

9 months ago

Toyota Yaris GR 201kW Performance Chip

This week we've been lucky enough to test the brand new Toyota Yaris GR in stock. Does it live up to its expectations or is it just another small hot hatch?

9 months ago

Audi RS 6 C8 447kW Performance Chip

The new RS6 (C8) is an absolute beauty and as far as we know, for the first time availably also for the US market! Is it even fast than its predecessor? It comes with aan 4.0 V8 turbocharged engine with 600 HP and 800 NM of torque.

10 months ago

2020 BMW M550i 392kW Performance Chip

Watch the full video to see our RaceChip GTS Black boosting this business saloon to almost 600 HP.

11 months ago

2020 Mercedes AMG GT4 Coupé 63 S 524kW Performance Chip

The Mercedes AMG GT4 Coupé 63 S four door is simply ridiculously good in all aspects. Its design convinces but its performance is just outrageous. Even in stock the GT63 S is faster than...

11 months ago

2020 Toyota Supra 3.0 250kW Performance Chip

The Toyota Supra 3.0 offers a huge tuning potential . In our opinion the 3.0 Supra is a great sportscar in stock for most of people and a well-built performance enhancement totally does the job. Go check our latest video to see, how a stage 1 tuned 3.0 Supra performs.

1 year ago

2020 Toyota Supra 2.0 190kW Performance Chip

But now, Toyota offers an entry model of the new Supra with the B48 2.0 turbo engine from BMW. Is it a valid alternative or does it lack power? In this video, we'll find out how it performs with stock power and of course, we're developing our tune to give it a nice performance boost.

1 year ago

2020 Porsche 911 (992) Carrera 4 283kW Performance Chip

It may be an entry model to the Porsche 911 world, so can it keep up with the stock "S" version? Go watch the latest video to find out!

1 year ago

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